Scythe Saga Universe

Welcome to the official Scythe Saga Universe wiki! Here you will find information about all of the lore that ties together the concept albums, compilations, and games released by Scythe Saga Records. (Official site)

Scythe Saga Records

Scythe Saga Records is the first ever record label universe. Each album, compilation, and game released are tied directly to the lore of the Scythian Solar System. This album features artists that produce synthwave and darksynth music, as well as prog rock, metal, psytrance, and soundtrack influenced music. For a full list of our alumni, check out this list of prog rock, electronic, and synthwave artists that have submitted music to one (or more) of our compilations.

Scythe Dev Team

Scythe Dev Team is a group of full-stack developers focused on creating immersive and niche games set within the Scythe Saga Universe.

Scythe Dev Team logo

The team consists of:

  • Kaleb Alfadda - Programming / 2D Design / Writing
  • Blake Reible - 3D Modeling / Level Design
  • Jon Reilly - Story Writing / Composition / 2D Design / Video Editing
  • Victor Malm - 3D Modeling / 2D Design
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