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King Tarik Al-Kanaan is the King of the Diplomatic Republic of Dariaz, located on Scythe, and the head of the Royal Dariazian Family. Al-Kanaan is also, with much controversy, the CEO and Founder of Al-Kanaan Industries, the sole exporter of precious natural resources located below Dariaz. Kanaan is also a known and vocal supporter of Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation, and it was because of the efforts put forth by Dr. Zaine Grimm that the strained Dariazian and Sabitian governments repaired relations.

Early Life Edit

Tarik Al-Kanaan was born into a Royal life in the settlement of Al-Dariazia, and exceeded accordingly early in life, graduating with a degree in International Trade and Engineering. The Previous King of Dariaz, King Tamim Al-Kanaan was assassinated by rebels later to be found contracted by the Sabit Government. This excelled and ultimately allowed Tarik Al-Kanaan to seize power at an early age. Tarik was awarded the role of King of the Al-Kanaan Royal Family, and patriarch of Dariaz and the Dariazian People.

Founding Al-Kanaan Industries Edit

The founding of Al-Kanaan Industries is shrouded in controversy that had lasting and catastrophic events on markets world-wide, effectively collapsing a multitude of industries for a duration of time, forcing large tech and bio companies to operate off-shore.

Funding Edit

With a vast wealth from previous exports to individual distributors in and around Dariaz, Tarik's Father, King Tamim would sell the resources to these companies in an effort to promote financial growth in his country, only charging a small markup that was easily recovered on the Worldwide Market. Tarik saw this as an opportunity to profit and discontinued the redistribution of wealth by seizing production, starving the market and then selling the resources at a dramatically increased rate.

Founding Edit

Tarik Al-Kanaan founded Al-Kanaan Industries shortly after the sell-off of resources, effectively created a worldwide monopoly via Al-Kannan Industries. Al-Kanaan immediately created non-compete, secret agreements with only the largest corporations. This allowed Corporate Giants like Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation to become Para-Military Governed Entities.

Assassination Attempt Edit

During an invite-only event on one of the many private properties owned by Gripp Holdings LLC, a government operated corporation, a high ranking officer later known as Bashorn the Merciless, part of the Para-Military head of Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation enacted a planned Coup aimed towards the assassination of King Tarik Al-Kanaan. The assassinated attempt failed but Tarik escaped in critical condition. It was later found that Bashorn had planned to defect and was brainwashed by a notorious cult, Order of the Impaled. This heavily strained the relations between Sabit and Dariaz, and it would be years before any attempt to reconcile was made.

Controversy Edit

Chemical Weapons Edit

It was found by an independent reporter, later revealed as Maverick Cooper, that shipments of Chemical Weapons being received by Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation was leaked. Cooper had initially tipped of reporters, then created a series of fake personas to continually leak information that appeared as incoherent until the final piece was leaked, revealing the order in which the information should be received. It was also revealed that Cooper used a fake identity to apply for a security guard position, allowing him to report incoming shipments. This operation later became known as ShredGate.

Lost Evidence in relation to the Apocalyptic Dawn Edit

Reports had surfaced immediately after the Apocalyptic Dawn that the vessels that contributed to the accident were indeed manufactured by Al-Kanaan Industries based on witness testimony. This laid the groundwork for the first nation-wide class-action lawsuit against a single company, significantly damaging the worth of Al-Kanaan Industries.

Unexpected Shutdown of Al-Kanaan Industries Edit

Shortly after evidence was exposed of Al-Kannan Industries contributing to a worldwide biological epidemic, business operations were ceased and all remaining evidence of any operations were liquidated to independent resource mining operations. Al-Kanaan Industries effectively vanished without a trace, including the Royal Family and King Tarik Al-Kanaan himself.

Interplanetary Transport Vessel Spotting Conspiracy Edit

When all operations ceased, it was reported by thousands of witness', including Maverick Cooper himself that a interplanetary vessel left Scythe, immediately followed by a ballistic defense missile from a local Paragon defense facility. In a final effort for control, the government subpoenaed Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation, but the case was dismissed when Paragon later became a functioning government entity.

Legacy Edit

Al-Kanaan and his Corporate Superpower effectively ruled Dariaz and most of the financial wealth of Scythe itself for decades, left his mark on the economic history of the world, and played part in the establishment of a Para-Military Government Entity. There does not exist any verifiable Royal Family left on Scythe, and there was never any evidence of a Interplanetary Ship, or debris from a crash, effectively creating one of the biggest conspiracies in Scythian Pop-Culture.

8 years after the disappearance of Al-Kanaan Industries Maverick Cooper revealed he has evidence of an Interplanetary ship, and noticed similar patterns associated with a well known cult, Order of the Impaled. A few months after Cooper's alleged investigation into the cult he was never heard from again, and never recovered from the aftermath of The Cleansing, an event that led to the disassembly of the cult and one of Sabits largest loss-of-lives on civilians in recorded history.