Dr. Zaine Grimm was the founder of Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation, a notable Scientist that has influenced the history of both Scythe and Lleh.


Early Life Edit

Zaine Grimm was born in Donovan City. His father was renowned geologist Duane Grimm. His mother was psychologist Claudia Blair. From a young age, Grimm showed signs of remarkable intelligence and wit. He was placed in accelerated learning programs and graduated high school 3 cycles ahead of his peers.

College and Post-Grad Edit

Grimm studied at the Sabit University of Political Sciences under a full scholarship for gifted students. Grimm maintained nearly perfect grades, despite his youthful excess with partying and womanizing. Grimm was awarded a doctorate in science several cycles early. But his successes and reputation quickly came into question post-graduation.

Ecliptic Prophecy Edit

Dr Grimm's first theory to really make waves was the Ecliptic Prophecy. In the original iteration of the Ecliptic Prophecy, Grimm ascertained that human life in the Scythian Solar System originated on Carthanc. Survivors of an ELE (Extinction Level Event) fled the planet and migrated to Scythe. Dr Carpenter also had a theory as to what caused this ELE.

Dr Carpenter suggested that a planetary alignment at the outer rim of the Scythian Solar System caused cataclysmic shock-waves throughout the solar system. According to Grimm, the alignment of Numina and Dalvikate caused these apocalyptic events not just once, but perpetually with every successive alignment. This theory was immediately scrutinized by the scientific community throughout Sabit, and Dr Grimm was immediately ostracized. He was later told in stern terms to discontinue his research into the Ecliptic Prophecy by the Sabit Government.

The Outcast Islands Outpost Edit

For a short time, Dr Grimm laid off his research, and started a family. His primary love interest throughout college became the center of his focus, and the two quickly wed and had their first daughter. But Grimm was itching to get back to his research on the Ecliptic Prophecy, now more inspired than ever to unlock more information to prevent it happening in the future.

Dr Grimm secured private investors and constructed an outpost on the Outcast Islands. It was here he fortified his theory, adding much more depth and context to his research.

Death of Daughter Edit

While Dr Grimm was away, his daughter became very sick from a strange illness. He was informed during a breakthrough of his daughter's condition, and immediately rushed back to Donovan City. By the time he returned, it was too late, and he was forced to bury his infant daughter. This strain ultimately lead to his divorce, and sent him into a downward spiral of depression and alcoholism.

Shortly into Dr Grimm's binge, he suffered a particularly intense night of drinking, and the next day awoke with a new goal - to cure death.

Isolation / Genetic Engineering Edit

Grimm returned to his Outcast Island Outpost, now obsessed with "Curing death." He simultaneously continued unlocking more secrets tied to his Ecliptic Prophecy theory, but his primary focus was on curing death. To prevent any other parents from facing the depression and sorrow he had faced himself.

8X-17 Edit

8X-17 caused the death and subsequent reanimation of test subjects. These reanimated corpses became violent, cannibalizing the living. Several of Grimm's employees perished during the research. 8X-17 was discontinued, and Dr Grimm infused the existing samples with a fail-safe. Anyone within Dr Grimm's lineage or within his family tree would be immune to the horrific effects of 8X-17. Every cycle from that point, Dr Grimm made it a point to "sow his oats" and produce as much offspring as possible - the Bastards of the Immune. But due to the loss of his daughter, he was unable to emotionally handle fathering the children, instead giving large sums of money to their mothers to raise them. It was his contingency in case the 8X-17 virus ever got out into the general public and caused an outbreak.

8X-18 Edit

8X-18 was Dr Grimm's last attempt at "Curing death." While 8X-01 through 8X-16 were unsuccessful, 8X-17 had disastrous results. 8X-18 was an even more potent strain with various alterations. It did not reanimate any of the cadavers, but had a strange effect of causing mutations to emerge. When a sample vial of 8X-18 was compromised and leaked into living, unintentional test subjects, the effects were horrifying. These people suffered the same mutations, only the mutations continued to morph and evolve. They were also driven into a homicidal rage. This second major failure marked the end of Dr Grimm's attempt to cure death.

Early Political Life Edit

Dr Grimm's quest to "cure death" was over. His focus was now fixed back on the Ecliptic Prophecy. Lives could still be saved, and major disasters averted should he unveil when the next alignment would occur. But his funding was far too low to continue his research. He needed to secure more.

Dr Grimm decided to throw his hat into the ring of politics. He returned to Donovan City under the guise of Dominac Jann. He quickly rose to prominence, winning the seat of Mayor in Donovan City. As Mayor of Donovan City, Dr Grimm quickly became popular among the civilians, winning them over with various decisions. As he won over the general public, so too did he win over the CEO's of various corporations and investors. The majority of his campaigning funds were siphoned off into the Paragon fund.

Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation Edit

Dr Grimm launched the Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation in his first cycle as Senator of Donovan County. Shortly after Paragon was launched, Grimm was outed as the true identity of Dominac Jann by investigative journalist Maverick Cooper. He used this as an opportunity to clear his name.

In a press conference, Senator Dominac Jann revealed that he was, indeed, Dr Zaine Grimm. He announced his immediate resignation from the position. His focus would be on his new company, Paragon. During the live press conference, he unveiled various technologies being developed, some ready for immediate use throughout society. These included breakthroughs in medicine, transportation, and communication. The public were won over.

Despite the false name, Grimm had cleaned up Donovan City. The crime rate had undeniably plummeted since he was elected. He did further humanitarian work as a senator. At long last, Dr Zain Grimm was welcomed with opened arms, his genius acknowledged. Dr Grimm avoided commenting on the Ecliptic Prophecy.

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